Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It’s Here— And Just In Time For The Holidays!

Ask Karinna
Top 100+ Questions for a Better Love Life

Over 100 of the best “Ask Karinna Q & A’s” from our vault over the last three years is now available in one informative-- and entertaining-- e-book!

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This fun, inquisitive, 175 page-scrolling e-book covers everything you’ve ever been wondering about dating, love, relationships, and sex— and probably a lot you never thought about but luckily someone else did, such as:

Ask Karinna: Dropping Needy
Dear Karinna,
When you've just started a new relationship, how do you ignite passion and excitement without acting "needy" or desperate?

Ask Karinna: Help on Top
Dear Karinna,
I’m not that good being on top. I get bored. Can you please help me? That is my boyfriend’s favorite position.

Ask Karinna: Do We Control Who We Fall in Love With?
Dear Karinna,
Do you believe that we have control over who we fall in love with? And if not, how can we be happy with the choice of being without the person we love because it's the right thing to do? How do you know if it's really love, and not just neediness, or lust?
Ask Karinna: Most Pleasurable Positions
Dear Karinna,
What are the most pleasurable lovemaking positions?

Ask Karinna: Overcoming the Fear to Love Again
Dear Karinna,
I was once in an unhealthy marriage for 14 years. Now I'm in my 40's and am divorced with 2 children. I find that even though I am attracted to men, I shy away from ever getting too close for them to ask me out, so the result is that they don't ask me out. I look younger than my age and often have younger men checking me out. This kind of scares me. I am so scared of getting hurt again and would like to know what to do to heal this.

Ask Karinna: Fighting Fair
Dear Karinna,
Can you give me some rules for having "healthy" fights/arguments with my boyfriend? Some things you should and/or shouldn't do or say?

Ask Karinna: Low Sex Drive
Dear Karinna,
I have a very low sex drive, unlike my husband. I can go days or even weeks without having sex and it’s hurting our relationship. Even being intimate is difficult for me. What can I do to increase my sex drive, become more intimate, and enjoy making love with my husband?

Ask Karinna: Preparing for the Wedding Night
Dear Karinna,
I have never had sex and I am getting married soon. How is the first encounter? Does it hurt? I don't want to disappoint my bride. Please help.

To Find Out The Answers To These— And Over 100 More Questions— Buy the New Ask Karinna, Top 100+ Questions for a Better Love Life e-book TODAY!

INTRODUCTORY HOLIDAY SPECIAL ** $14.99 ** (Reg. Price $29.99—You Save $15.00!)

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