Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Fireworks Special

Create your own fireworks this weekend with Sacred Love’s Special Fireworks Package including these Three Great CD Downloads:

Sex & Power: Discover how your sexual energy can be channeled in all the right ways to enhance your relationships. This product is for you if you are also ready to: Achieve Greater Sexual Empowerment -- Explore Why We are All so Captivated by Sexuality -- Learn the Nature of the Sexual Ego -- Claim more Wholeness and Ecstasy during Sex

Breath of Pleasure: Learn how to unite your heart and soul with sexual energy and enjoy longer-lasting love-making. This product is for you if you are also ready to: Feel greater sexual interest and desire -- Create more sexual well-being and vitality -- Enjoy more sexual pleasure and orgasmic fulfillment -- Awaken to a whole new stratosphere of sexual intimacy!

Objects of Desire: Listen to the sensual sounds on this romantic instrumental CD as you create “fireworks” together!

Get ALL THREE DOWNLOADS for ONLY $20.00— that’s a $9.99 savings, or like getting ONE FREE!

Go here to purchase your July Fireworks Special Now and have an extra Happy 4th!

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