Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sex: The Stress Buster

"The fast pace of life today is leaving us with no time for basic and simple pleasures. With our busy schedules, it is quite easy to forget about your partner’s needs. Experts feel that couples should set themselves extra time for those special moments– after all, there is no simpler and effective stress buster than some action between the sheets."

Want more proof that sex is a great stress-buster for busy couples? Read the rest of this article from The Times of India...

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Dan Parsons said...

I found this line to be particularly thought provoking:

"The desire for material pleasures is killing the basic desire of pleasuring each other."

This seems so true in our ever more materialistic society and it is somehow refreshing to know that people around the globe struggle with these same issues.

Today I will try to remind myself that the best things in life are often free, emotional and fleeting.

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