Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top 5 Male Sexual Fantasies

Ladies-- they're not as hard to fulfill as you'd think. Try one (or all) tonight:

1. Matching bra and panties
A present that's handed over in a brown paper bag isn't nearly as touching as one that's thoughtfully wrapped. Trust me on this. It doesn't have to be fancy; it just has to match.
2. Tell him how good it feels
Men thrive on praise, never more so than between the sheets. Not only will it make him feel like a million bucks, but it'll keep you both focused on what's working.
3. Undress him
The longer you can prolong this, the more wonderful, agonizing tension you'll build. If you can manage it without breaking the flow, proceeding to undress while he watches will make him putty in your hands.
4. Let your hands wander
Subtle but devastating. Years from now, he'll remember the way your nails trailed along the small of his back.
5. Oral sex
There. I said it.

(Source of list: poll)

Note To Men: If your fantasy isn't listed, list it here under comments to let everyone know what you'd like to experience more of! Just think-- maybe you'll be starting a whole new list...

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