Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June: Relationship Challenge Month

It’s summertime— a time of slowing down, taking time to smell the roses (or plant some), and being out and about for family barbeques, lazy vacations, hiking in nature, or strolling through new city streets and exploring. So what better time to concentrate on what could add to your pleasure— your love life!

I want you to declare June as your “RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGE MONTH” to start creating your best relationship EVER! And whoever meets the challenge to the fullest will not only get rewarded with a great love life, but also with a FREE Build Your Relationship session with me (Value $150)--- just in time to make sure your Fourth of July weekend will be FULL of fireworks!

If you’re single, take the “SINGLES SUMMER CHALLENGE”:

I want you to go out and meet 1-3 new potential partners and set up and/or go on a date with each of them. You can meet them through family and friends, on the internet, at the supermarket, by joining a new club or group that interests you, or by getting involved in a local community organization. Then, I want you to write brief paragraphs on how and where you went about meeting each of these new people and describe who set up the date between you. That’s it! You don’t have to describe how each date went (unless you want to), just focus on how you met new great people and set up dates with them.

E-mail your response to by June 26. One person will then be chosen the winner of two, FREE, half-hour personal Build A Great Relationship sessions with me to discuss what to do as your next step. Is one of these new acquaintances a true sacred match for you? Or, if you had no trouble getting the first date(s) but not a second, why? Let me help you figure it out.

If you’re in a relationship, take the "COUPLES SUMMER CHALLENGE”:

Whether this will be your first summer together or your thirtieth, I want you to spice things up by implementing something new that adds more romance and intimacy to your relationship. It could be making love in a place you never have before, writing a sexy love letter to your partner each week of June, or trying a dance class to learn something new and romantic together. Just do something that brings you closer than you’ve ever been. And if only one of you in the relationship is reading this then just think of the surprise your lover will feel when you suddenly suggest doing something new with them. They just might have been secretly waiting and hoping for you to!

After you have done this, write a paragraph describing what you did (though the really intimate “details” don’t have to be disclosed), who initiated it and how, and what happened to both of you during and after the experience. Then send your response to by June 26. One couple will then be chosen the winner of one, FREE, one-hour Love Rituals phone session with me to learn new ways to enhance fun, meaning, and passion in your intimate relationship!

Have fun with the challenge-- I look forward to hearing from you!

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