Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chat with Karinna LIVE Today!

From 2:30 to 3:30 Pacific Standard Time I will be answering your questions and chatting about any topic you want dealing with love, intimacy, and relationships.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Unknown said...

Hi Everyone,
This is Karinna Kittles-Karsten and I am happy to answer any question you have about love, sex and intimacy for the next hour.

I look forward to receiving your question.

Unknown said...


I have been getting some of your material lately and one issue that I have concerns me. The energy and hormone producing qualities of the Pituitary gland or 3rd eye Chakra. I have a pituitary brain tumor which has made my pituitary gland non-functioning. So I have to replace all hormones like HGH, Tetesterone, cortisol...etc for the rest of my life. My main concern is not the physical but the spiritual or energy from this chakra. Since I was diagnosed I have lost a lot of the passion that I use to have for life and I want a change back to my old self...Any Ideas?...Thanks...Jim

Paul said...

Hi Karinna-

I recently became single again after a long relationship and I want to start dating, but I don't like "singles bars" or those kinds of places - do you have any suggestions on where to meet new people?



Unknown said...

Hi James,
Thank you for your question.

My suggestion is to spend time each day focusing on the pituitary gland and sending healing light to it. I also have a hormonal meditation that I would recommend that covers all the glands and will help one that is having trouble come back into harmony with the others.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

A great place to meet someone interesting is at charity events-Global Green if you care about environmental issues.
If you like dancing a ballroom dancing class is a great way to meet someone fun and outgoing.

Unknown said...


The hormone meditation begins at the pituatary and pineal glands, focus with a smile on each for 60 seconds or more, then move your attention down connecting to the thyroid, thymus, breasts and testicles. I think this meditation on a daily basis would help in increasing the pituatary function as well as your ability to enjoy greater passion.

Unknown said...

Thanks Karinna,

I am living down here in Southern Louisana(Bible Belt) and find that most of the women although spiritual find it difficult to accept Sensual Kung Fu or Tantra Life style practices. I can go to England and have these teaching be a part of my life with a partner. Where on the web do such like minded souls come together to inspire each other with their beliefs....Thanks...Jim

Unknown said...

I will practice the meditations you mentioned and do practice the breath of pleasure and others from your products...Thanks
White Tiger Tantra Sensual Massage....The Best with patience!

Unknown said...

Hi Jim,

Do a search on the internet for spiritual dating sites or soul mates. Recently I have heard of several which I am not recalling the names of now. But if you check one of them out -especially concerning Yoga..I feel you may even find someone in your own back yard.

Unknown said...

Hi James,
Yes the Breath of Pleasure is a great addition to the Hormonal Meditation that I mentioned.

Just continue a daily practice because your pituatary is calling you to greater and greater attention. This is the path of Yogis!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the information and peaceful passion be with you always. You Godess of Sacred Love....Jim

Unknown said...

Thanks for writing in. Wishing you Sacred Love Jim!

Unknown said...


To follow up --the most important and easiest way to meet someone you would be interested is getting involved in activities that you are passionate about that are group related so that you can connect with new people. Get into a beach volleyball club or dining club etc.

Unknown said...

I have a constellation of energy problems, from having not enough and falling asleep throughout the day to having too much (and too concentrated in one place) and not being able to get to sleep at night. I've used a lot of yoga, meditation, and breath work (pranayama) but it still isn't enough. Do you have physical excercises you can recommend to help me balance and control my energy better?

Unknown said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your question. Yes, I recommend my Fit for Love program which is a full physical and energy workout for balancing energy as well as opening the heart, body and spirit to love.

It would be very fruitful for what you are discussing.

Unknown said...


You can go here to check out the Fit for Love program through the link below.

Unknown said...

Thanks Everyone for your participation. I will probably be blogging live once a month so check your newsletters to find out when.

Have a blessed evening.
Karinna Kittles-Karsten

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