Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Meditation for Love

November is certainly the month that gives us an extra reminder to be thankful. So often we are focused on the love that isn’t in our life and we lose track of what love is available to us right now. This is a meditation of abundant gratitude for the love that is present in our lives. When we choose to focus more on our abundance of love we naturally attract even more to us.


Bring your awareness down to the dantien, the area below your navel. This is your center and one of the best places to put your attention when meditating. Breathe in and out of this area as you meditate. Repeat the following prayer silently (or out loud to yourself) as you visualize and feel the love in your life:

I give thanks for all the love in my life!
I give thanks for the love in my heart that flows towards me and through my interactions with all those I meet.
I give thanks for the love I enjoy with my most intimate loved one. (And if not with someone, visualize love towards the one that is soon to arrive.)
I give thanks for the love I share with my family, both related and kindred.
I give thanks for the love I am given by my friends, both near and far away.
And I give thanks for the all- present love of nature, the universe, and the divine.

Many thanks for the power of love in my life!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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