Friday, June 30, 2006

“Fit for Love” Audio Workout Series is Now Available on Download!

“Downloaded workouts are absolutely here to stay!” --From a recent New York Times article by Bob Tedeschi stating that the downloadable personal trainer craze is taking over!

And now Karinna has put her popular “Fit for Love” workout e-book in a downloadable MP3 format for you! Let Karinna guide you through a personal workout in the privacy of your own home to prepare your body, heart and mind for the love you want!

Each Part is a 60 minute workout session specifically for:

One, Opening the Body to Love for $24.99
Two, Increasing Se xual Vitality and Se xual Healing for $24.99
Three, Opening to Pleasure and Ecstasy for $24.99

Buy the complete audio series—three workouts total-- for $60.00 (As a July Special—You will also get the e-book FREE!)

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