Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lover's Quiz from Starting Over Appearance

Who are you as a Lover? Take The Lover’s Quiz and find out!

This is the quiz that Jodi on "Starting Over" took as part of her relationship coaching session with me.

Under each question, pick one or more answers that describe you as a lover.
(Note: E-mail us your answers to and I will respond back to let you know your score on your journey to Sacred Love.)

1. How comfortable do you feel expressing your sexuality?

a. I feel I need to be intoxicated to express my sexuality
b. I feel anxious all the time about having sex
c. Sometimes I feel self conscious, other times I feel comfortable expressing my sexuality
d. I feel natural and have fun expressing my sexuality

2. What are the factors you consider before engaging sexually with someone?

a. That she/he is attracted to me and will be an easy sexual encounter
b. How sexy and attractive he/she is
c. That he/she will be hot in bed
d. That I am married to he/she
e. That he/she will take the right measures for sexual health and birth control
f. That I have a mutually respectful and loving relationship

3. How emotionally available are you with your partner?

a. Never
b. Once in a while
c. Often
d. All the time

4. How do you respect yourself in relationship?

a. I like bad guys/girls
b. I attract relationships with lots of drama
c. I lie to my partner about my real needs for intimacy
d. I feel loved and respected in my relationship
e. I respect my body, emotions and spirit in relationship

5. How important is a spiritual or soul connection with your partner?

a. I don’t believe we have a soul
b. It’s not necessary
c. Having a soul connection is scary to me
d. I believe I might like it but I don’t know how to relate in a soulful way
e. I want/have a soul connection with my partner

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