Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fit For Love E-Book|Exercises for Improving Your Love Life

Do you desire to be a more skillful lover? Would you like to experience ecstatic sex and enjoy greater intimacy? Fit for Love, a new e-book, from Karinna Kittles of Sacred Love, Inc., features Chinese Intimacy Exercises to enhance your love life. Inspired by Tai Chi, Yoga and Kung Fu, the easy-to-follow instructions and complimentary color photographs explain each movement and its benefits to your love life. With Fit for Love, not only will you get in shape, you'll experience great sex!

Fit for Love is a heart opening, sensual Chinese movement practice designed specifically to open your whole self to enjoy greater pleasure and love. Karinna Kittles, Certified Taoist Arts Educator and Internationally Recognized Art of Love expert, guides you through the practice of Fit for Love.

The Tao Art of Love originated in China thousands of years ago during a magical time in ancient Chinese history. This time period between 2697 and 2597 BC is known as the reign of the Yellow Emperor and the golden age of China. Many of the great advancements in knowledge originated during this era, among them Chinese Medicine, martial arts (including Kung Fu), and the Art of Love.

From the Art of Love teachings the people of the empire enjoyed the benefits of greater pleasure, better physical and emotional health, and deeper intimacy. Thus, the Art of Love became a legitimate branch of Chinese Medicine.

The time-honored wisdom of the Art of Love continues to offer principles and practices relevant and beneficial for modern lovers today. The exercises presented in Fit for Love are inspired by this ancient love art.

As Fit For Love is cultivated, you can enjoy greater ease and receptivity to sensual pleasure, emotional intimacy and sacred love.

Thighs of Love Exercise (taken from Fit For Love)

The thighs are used throughout the movements of lovemaking to enhance enjoyment and a variety of position possibilities. The thighs of both women and men can be strengthened for pleasure through the following practice.

Step 1
Bring the feet together and sit with the thighs and hips on top of the
calves with the legs apart. Place the hands on the hips.

Breathe in.

Step 2
Exhale while you lift the thighs and hips up.

Step 3
Push the pelvis forward.

Step 4
Inhale down.

Step 5
Repeat 3 - 9 times.

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